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  •  Get it, but NONE is a pretty strong word!... (0+ / 0-)

    The business world is not a monolith but a spectrum.  

    I work for a non-profit health insurance company the sees itself as having a "mission" beyond the bottom line.  Right now that company's HR department is pretty orthodox (even Byzantine) in the way they structure employee jobs.  If you are "exempt" (salaried) and have the standard "FTE" (full-time equivalent) job, the assumption is you are paid for 40 hours work a week.  

    I don't believe you can work as an FTE at 32 hours a week!  And if you could it would make the budgeting of people on a team and project more complicated.  The work "widgets" suddenly are not all the same size!

    All that said, and as you said, it CAN be done.  Given that, I think a forward-thinking company like the one I work for will eventually do it, because someone with eventually successfully argue that it falls within their "mission" and can lead to more employee satisfaction.

    And once changes like this start on that most progressive end of the business spectrum, maybe get on the media radar, trends can happen.  Not saying they will but they certainly can.

    Cooper Zale Los Angeles

    by leftyparent on Sun Dec 02, 2012 at 09:41:56 AM PST

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