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  •  Difficult to start a debate?!? (none)
    Have you checked out the site today? Josh Trevino is holding court with DKosers Armando and McJoan and getting beat up by the rest of the RS founders. Poor Erick is getting beat up by both conservative and liberal sides for comments about the CBC, and getting defended likewise by both sides. Josh also posted a story about how no one on RS supports confederates and gets challenged by others on that (including me, and i'm the most left-leaning Republican there, weirdly enough).

    And those are all on the front page.

    DissidentLiberal, yes, you'll get banned right away if you just come in and start ruffling feathers, because we've had our fair share of trolls and want to stop a problem before it starts. The same thing happens here, except more by the community (Kudos on that format, by the way).  The reason some RedStaters have survived on Kos is because some (like me) only post in response to a issue, and others, like doverspa, start out slow and establish that he's here in good faith and not to just distract and annoy. Doverspa's a trusted user now, by the way.

    So, like the Republicans on this site, you need to go to RS and start out slow. It's not fair, to a point, b/c you won't get away with as much as established Republican posters, but it's more because you're a guest in our home. The same thing is true for Dkos...again, most of us act with respect here.

    Now, unfortunately, they have your IP address and you're a repeat good luck, sir. You'll prob be banned b/c they don't trust you.

    In case anyone's curious, I'm jadedmara on

    by jenabelle on Tue May 24, 2005 at 02:51:28 PM PDT

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