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    My great grandmother died in 1990 at the age of 90.  She was born when walking and horses were still the dominate form of personal transportation and died as computers were penetrating every aspect of our lives.  If humans manage to survive what we are doing to the planet now, I believe that 10,000 years from now her generation, and your great aunt's, will be recognized as the generation that experienced the greatest change of any generation in human history; even if by then they are teleporting themselves around the cosmos in seconds somehow.

    While the industrial revolution had been underway for quite some time when they came into being industry and technology had not yet fundamentally altered the lives of everyone; that happened during their lifetimes.  They were an amazing generation; learning to fly, fighting fascism and oppression, adapting to to a mind boggling array of changes in daily life.

    If you asked my great grandmother what she did shortly before she died she would tell you that she took care of old people; the vast majority of whom were younger than her by more than a bit.  She was a community oriented self-reliant soul.

    While she was from Texas where there weren't many hills around, I suspect that she and your great aunt would have gotten along just fine.

    Thanks for sharing and reflecting.

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