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View Diary: Gergen to Obama: Please Don't Humiliate Republicans (199 comments)

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    their favorite fallback when they have nothing to write before deadline or nothing to gab about on the picture box is getting diminishing traction of late. And will continue to decline as it becomes plainer and clearer -- to even the willfully blind -- that the GOP has no plan to get out of the box they put themselves in and allowed Obama to seal shut. And that this time, one side really isn't doing the same -- putting something on the table.

     I generally like Gergan but he has a blind spot or two when it comes to upsetting the Beltway applecart -- where Common Wisdom has stated for a long time that the GOP is Party of Entitlements in that they are entitled to having  Democrats  compromise  ( and that, amongst other things, the GOP is party of fiscal sense and National Defense. Which plainly they are not. And haven't been for a while. This has some heads spinning as they try to compute this rending of their space/time continuim ) in their favor and that it also follows that ,somehow, it is a resposibility of the Democrats to rescue the GOP from the prediciment they are in and somehow throw them a lifeline. And not all of these sorts are Republicans. Ask Harold Ford. He'd be one of the first on the scene with a first aid kit.

     Personally, I feel that if Democrats have taken over from the GOP as being the fiscally adult party that is strong on Defence and Foriegn policy they should also fill the gap left by the GOP as the party of personal responsibility.

     Helping and assisting the GOP out of their prediciment would only be enabling behaviour and hinder them from reaching for their own bootstraps.

     Lazy, damn entitlement moochers.........

    it tastes like burning...

    by eastvan on Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 05:07:37 PM PST

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