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    I've been listening to a podcast about the history of money and banking in America. Some of it is normal history and some of it is puzzlingly 'editorial' I looked up the author on Wikipedia.

    Turns out...he's a founder of Libertarian party and the source of flawed judgments being perpetuated. Worth making his acquaintance:

    Murray N. Rothbard:

    What tipped me off to his possible unreliable judgment was not only his unexpected editorializing but also his mispronunciation of some very basic names in modern money and banking.

    I think he was, to paraphrase Wm. F Buckley's nasty obituary about him, a denizen of too small an ivory tower.

    Maybe it is because I just watched the excellent TV documentary about The Dustbowl that I found it so repulsive that a lecturer reading his history of Money and Banking in America could talk about The Great Depression in terms of statistics and key players without mentioning the effect on ordinary people.

    If only we had our own Vast Left Wing Noise Machine to set things right.

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