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  •  Vitriol can happen here.... (8+ / 0-)

    and as you described, I too find it disturbing when I'm on the wrong end of it.

    This keeps me from posting many diaries, those I keep on my own web site.  Some I can fashion within the core values of this site, while others would not leave much to say.

    Diaries, before this version 4.0, used to be restricted in length, frequency (1 a day) and substance.  No one paragraph comments as a diary.  The boss ended this since he as he reminds us, he owns the joint, and he decides how it shall be structured.

    It's kind of funny that this main Democratic web site isn't too democratic.  

    •  Yep a bunch of us Kossacks left (9+ / 0-)

      During the meta diaries attacks. We fled to twitter.

      I'm doing great there! Set up my own campaign lists, which Dem candidates were very thankful for since I retweeted their information once a day, same for OFA's .

      It all depends on how one uses it, I was never a 'blogger' have written only a couple of diaries in the years I've been here. I mainly comment, and retweet diaries.

      I do this to help spread information to people. It is a very helpful tool, depending on one's focus, mine is strictly Democratic Parity oriented, plus a focus upon Animal rights and environmental issues.

      I watch morning CSpan occasionally, BUT I've just about blocked everyone of those nut bags that hang out on there as described in the diary.

      I do follow dfwlibrarian who follows me :).

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