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  •  Twitter's my tightly focused, highly personalized (6+ / 0-)

    news and politics feed -- and the best part is that there's absolutely no penalty (literally or figuratively) imposed for only receiving and not sending (or RTing).

    I don't use Twitter to try and enlighten anyone - there are far too many on there who are much better suited to that folly - I'm on Twitter simply to get a jump on being enlightened by others. Again, I don't really do the Tweeting or Retweeting thing -- although I will embed an occasional ToI (Tweet of Interest) on DKos just like I might do with a blockquote and link to a web page.

    In the past I've mocked news outfits like CNN for seeming to rely too heavily on Twitter as a wire service replacement - and for a while I'm not too sure they hadn't done just that - but once you get your follow list pared down to what you feel are the essentials it's a flat-out stunning informational tool.

    Another fascinating thing about Twitter is how it can act as a "confirmation" tool. A few weekends ago I was sitting on the sofa at the office doing some research, and swore I felt something shake ever so slightly.. almost like your body might feel if your heart was really pounding (which it wasn't).

    I opened up a new search window on my Twitter app and typed in #Earthquake and suddenly my screen began filling with Tweets like "Did you feel that" and "My house just shook" and so on.  Within a minute or so I'd more or less narrowed down the location (Eastern KY) and confirmation that I wasn't the only one in my area (Central OH) that had felt it.

    It was another 10-15 minutes before I started seeing any mentions of the event on various top-level media -- although I suspect local radio near the epicenter was abuzz (or maybe it wasn't given today's outsourced ClearChannel environment).

    Another tool I've noticed gives a pretty good "emergency" early warning is the Scanner Radio app on my phone. It has customizable alerts which trigger at number of listeners, which is a pretty good indicator that something's going on.

    tl;dr -- Don't shoot the messenger, just train it better :)

    Anyone who thought Apple's Maps would work clearly hasn't used Apple's website.

    by here4tehbeer on Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 11:00:36 PM PST

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