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  •  Well, sometimes you gotta Tweet (0+ / 0-)

    but the beauty of the thing is that you choose people or organizations, FOLLOW and then YOU make the decision if there is anything to keep you reading their Tweets.  It's like a woman (or man's) power to say yes or no according to their own whims!

    You definitely need to realize that those Tweets are recorded and that you're speaking to an entire world when you hit that RETURN key!  I've caught myself backing off and canceling messages before I said something to an entire universe of people I don't even know.  Because the Twitter tool is very powerful for doing GOOD THINGS, it can also bite you in the butt.

    Today's goodie was learning this:

    I suggest that every Kossack gets one via the Kickstarter campaign and then we can have the company send one to every member of the US Congress and a bunch for the White House.

    Control your brain... through meditation and thought:  Same company.  Proof that thought creates energy.

    I am hoping to invest and be part of the early adapters for this product.

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