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View Diary: Evangelical leaders celebrate World AIDS Day (34 comments)

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  •  The most insane part of their (11+ / 0-)

    association of gays & AIDS is that it gives less informed people the idea they might be immune if they're not gay. And the truly unfortunate problem is that it appears to be "working," since the fastest growing populations with HIV aren't gay at all - or even men for that matter.

    For anyone interested, a very well-written book called, "And The Band Played On." It's an historical account of how HIV was discovered and how different communities around the world reacted to it. Of course there are terrible accounts in the book, but the point I wanted to make was the difference in how American scientists reacted compared to European scientists (particularly the French and Danish).

    The difference being that the American scientists thought the disease was a gay-related disease, affecting the gay population exclusively. This allowed rampant advancement of the disease into the blood transfusion supplies and elsewhere (a horrific part of our history). The European scientists knew that a virus is a virus, and it doesn't care who you are or who you love ....

    The statements of these evangelical leaders should be criminal. How is this any different than yelling "fire" in a movie theater?

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