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  •  sorry that happened to you (4+ / 0-)

    I think Ohio might have been stolen as well. No link but there is solid evidence that is not tinfoil hat...ish. Obama's margin this time in OH, I noticed, was a bit smaller than what he was polling at at the end (he was about up 3, last polls were a bit bigger...a few up 5). Yet in other swing states he did BETTER than the last polls.

    Kerry faced VOTE supression, it is thought, not just the voter supression we all saw with Urban Dem leaning voters out in cold rain at night for hours and hours.

    I'm kinda afraid to post sometimes too. Unlike you am a newbie over last several months though a lurker longer. People sometimes take me wrong (all or nothing) when I post something controversial...such as anything negative about Obama (or how I see the situation between Palastinians and Israeli's). Anything that goes against the mainstream progressive view no matter how nuanced and not Black and White I try to explain the view, some people will take it in a Black and White way and Judge unfairly where I am coming from and seemingly not take my words at face value.  But I have never been banned I don't even think I've been HR'd (how'd I know that?)

    I don't think I"ve HR'd anyone, either.

    It bothers me, if I am to take you at your word, that no one got back to you when you emailed them to complain and discuss it. Any member, even not paying, should be treated better.

    Good luck to you.

    Kerry's experience in OH folks is not a a wild theory. We saw the voter supression on the TV...we all saw people waiting hours in the rain and cold. WHo knows how many thousands did not vote. That is the least of it, tip of the iceberg. Kerry lost in that setting. We are just lucky Obama won DESPITE voter and (in my mind likely) Vote suppression.

    I think DEMS now have to win Ohio by a bigger percentage than other states to actually get it in your column. Has to  be above the MOT (Margin of Theft). I am taking that from someone else's comment, just quoting them. So don't ban me please.

    Kos means a great deal to many poeple. To excommunicate people from this community would be honestly devistating to some people. I hope the powers that be who weld that power really get that. In some Native American cultures, banishment was the puishment for the most horrible crimes, like murder.

    •  A lot of people (2+ / 0-)
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      CherryTheTart, SeaTurtle

      here have reading comprehension problems.

      A poster can post a perfectly innocent comment and get accused of conspiracy theory [some people here apparently believe that if someone talks about people working in concert to achieve something, which is regular human activity, it is somehow an unbelievable 'conspiracy.']

      Or they get accused of racism--I was accused of calling BO a 'boy' by some hyper-BO person who jumped to some conclusion based on God-knows-what.  Even other posters questioned this hyper-BO persons 'conclusion' about my comment.  And people get offended when I use BO for Obama, although I've always used initials for commonly referenced people or regs or places [HRC, BC, JE, etc].

      And one highly regarded diarist, Booman, repeatedly name-called me [stupid] in a diary.  I emailed Meteor Blades [who I thot was still a moderater] who told me to email Kos who did nothing.  And I was hide-rated numerous times for daring to express an opposing opinion.

      So, these people are gonna hide-rate and name call if anyone dares to disagree with them.

      Rather than banning people, KOS might consider removing the hide-rating capabilities of the people who hide rate in packs.

      The banks have a stranglehold on the political process. Mike Whitney

      by dfarrah on Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 08:56:09 AM PST

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      •  couldn't agree with you more (3+ / 0-)
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        cynndara, jplanner, dfarrah
        A lot of people (2+ / 0-)
        here have reading comprehension problems.
        Sometimes its just a losing game to try to explain what you really mean to say; its like they are closing their ears and shouting you down, "I know what you are meaning and I will HR you for my projection of my ideas on you."


        It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything. ~~Joseph Stalin

        by SeaTurtle on Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 09:57:50 AM PST

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        •  I hate that (1+ / 0-)
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          not been 'hidden" but people reply to you sometimes like are being THE EVIL ONE in a black and white way when you dare to bring up a nuance in the way some controversial issue is being looked at.

          I tend to try to see issues from all viewpoints to test myself trying to be rational not judgemental. So when someone makes a conclussion from the behavior of a group/people I tend to try to figure out if that is the only conclussion possible or it could be other things. I might bring up other possiblities.

          Often someone takes offense no matter HOW "nice" about it I lip service first to "I like Obama

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