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  •  anastasia p said (4+ / 0-)
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    footNmouth, CherryTheTart, juca, SeaTurtle

    "And I will continue to automatically HR anyone who naively passes on this story as if it were a real possibility."

    To my mind, that puts anastasia p in direct violation of both #1 and #6 in the DKos FAQs rules:

    1. Do not troll rate [HR] people for expressing a contrary opinion, so long as it is expressed in a civilized fashion. The exceptions are for conservative talking points or debunked or false information; this isn't a site for conservatives, they have entire swaths of the internet in which they can regale each other with their reality-impaired fantasies.
    6. Do note give retaliatory troll [HR] ratings. If you get what you believe to be an undeserved troll rating, do not retaliate. Leave it to others to decide if the rating was abusive. It is begrudging community practice to respond to an undeserved troll rating by troll rating the ratings abuser, thus reducing their own level of "trustedness" and making them less able to abuse ratings in the future. But don't do it unless you are absolutely positive the original rating was abusive -- and I mean 100% positive. And never do it if you're the one that got troll rated. I repeat: do not troll rate fights that you yourself are in.
    I believe you and anyone else anastasia p HRed should be reinstated, and anastasia p should receive a warning.

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