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  •  I don't think it's that complicated (1+ / 0-)
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    Considering the time value of money and potential lifetime of a website such as this, I would suggest that a "lifetime" subscription would last an estimated 20 years. You could make it 10, 12, 15, 30 or whatever.

    Consequently, a $100 lifetime subscription (I think that was the cost) would yield the following prorated refund under a 20-year model:

    After 1 year: $95
    After 2 years: $90
    After 3 years: $85
    ...and so on.

    If one wanted to make it complicated, it could be adjusted based on the average inflation rate over the time that person was a subscriber. Annual subscribers would be a simple prorate.

    And I'm not suggesting that anyone would or could get a refund. But since the decision and ability to ban is invested in the owner of the site (and history has shown he wields that hammer in a somewhat emotionally reactive and inconsistent manner), it would seem to me that he could cough up the small amount of money he, in essence, has chosen to take away from a subscriber with no benefit or posting rights in return.

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