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  •  'conspiracy theory'.. (0+ / 0-)

    I bet Newton's laws of physics was a conspiracy theory in that day. It's a shame that there is no room for alternate theories here, but it is what it is. You choose your battles and you suffer the consequences.

    •  Great analogy. (1+ / 0-)
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      Because Newton's laws are so similar to the claims of 911 Truthers. CT is an ugly business, and very much the purview of today's GOP.  So it makes sense that it is not appreciated here.  We are reality-based (most of the time).

    •  Actually, yes, it was (3+ / 0-)

      For instance, go examine the work of Bishop Berkeley, probably the leading "Calculus skeptic" of the age.

      Here's the big deal, though: people working from Newton's and Leibnitz' work made testable predictions about things, and those predictions almost always bore out.  People who continue to make claims about the 2004 "theft" of Ohio haven't made any such predictions.  There were no effects in the numbers consistent with human manipulation of the figures.  There were no extraordinary patterns of vote shifts.  There was, and is, no evidence of vote fraud, despite very skilled people looking for it.

      This is no longer "reasonable people can differ".  This is now "if you claim this without very strong evidence to back you up, then you are a newtonian mechanics skeptic."

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