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  •  I've gotten a few in my time. (0+ / 0-)

    Not many.  But the last time, in a situation where I felt it was clearly unjust, I simply answered in a comment to the troll that stalking me from one diary to another for the sole purpose of HR'ing was really uncivilized, and that I had already apologized three times previously.  Markos never came down on me for that exchange, which had netted me a total of 27 HRs from my original error.  I didn't get banned.

    I don't generally make it a habit of making enemies, however, or of trying to get back at people for modest insults.  I might agree with the author about the 2004 Ohio election, since I was there at the time.  But we went over that rather thoroughly eight years ago, and it's OVER.

    My suggestion for long-term survival in this and all worlds is to let bygones be bygone, and not waste one's time or positive energy trying to get even.


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