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  •  My dad got sued recently. (6+ / 0-)

    He bought a piece of land that was subdivided from a larger piece.  They had taken 60 acres along a lake shore, and divided it up into three 20 acre parcels.  He bought the middle parcel.  

    He and the neighbor to the south both built homes on their land, and built a road they both could use to access their properties.  And it was that way for years.  The person who bought the third parcel to the north never built.  Never even visited the place at all.  

    One day, my dad and the neighbor to the south were served with summons to appear in a lawsuit in which they were named as defendants.   The mysterious owner of parcel #3 was suing them for an easement to build a road to his parcel of land.  

    The lawsuit was the first they had ever heard of it.  

    My dad's reaction was "WTF?  Why didn't he just ask?  I would have granted him the easement and welcomed him to the neighborhood."  Of course, now that he's being sued, my dad decided the best thing to do is vigorously defend himself.    He had his very expensive, forty-seventh floor downtown law firm hit the guy with a truckload of motions and pleadings.

    The guy eventually will get his easement, but it's gonna cost him tens of thousands in legal fees, and take a couple years.  Fees and delays that could have been avoided if he had just stopped by, introduced himself, and asked nicely.  


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