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    Ye gods, advice on how to fool men into believing that you're the kind of woman who enjoys sports? You know, "Diving for a touch pass? Playing sport ball?"

    Previous posters have said this better than I can, but let me just add: Title IX. Also, some ladies not only watch sports, but actually do sports! Take me, for example: I enjoy the adrenaline-fueled, watery Death Wish that is whitewater kayaking. Of course, like all women, I chose this sport because 80% of whitewater kayakers are male, and I'm all about snagging me a man. So thanks, but I cut my teeth on manipulating guys by misrepresenting myself. (Although to be fair, your discussion of which sports apparel make women look cute is pretty insightful. My personal flotation device makes me look fat, and my helmet musses my hairdo, so I should probably stop wearing them.)

    I'm afraid that I agree with commenters who suggest that your diary doesn't deliver much in the humor department. Pete Rose? Really? Should I also mention Tinker to Evers to Chance? Because I'll do it, man. I'll do it.

    Anyway, ever since 1953, comedy about groups of people who don't understand (or, more accurately, have never seen) sports has been patented and wholly owned by Andy Griffith ("What it Was, Was Football"). This is not to say that sports humor in general does not welcome fresh-faced newcomers, but remember, you are standing on the shoulders of Giants. And not just the ones who left New York for San Francisco in 1957.

    Thanks to denial, I'm immortal. -- Philip J. Fry

    by IamGumby on Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 04:36:36 PM PST

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