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  •  EVO is good, too (2+ / 0-)
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    swampyankee, triciawyse

    But they didn't have it when I had Shutterbug, at least not here :)

    I have to avoid EVO with my current kitties, they both love it but Luke has kidney issues and too high protein content causes a flare up for him.  But Wellness seems to have the right balance as long as its not all he eats.  So we compromise, they get a small can of the Fancy Feast premium food (those aqua cans) for breakfast and Wellness for dinner.  

    Luke can't have dry food either, so neither one gets it.  Dry food is like kitty crack for diabetics, I used to keep a small bag of Wellness dry kitten chow on hand for emergencies, which, thankfully, were few and far between with hypos (low blood sugar) for Buggy.  

    Things have changed a lot since Bug was Dx.  We were on Humilin U insulin, lots of people used N.  Her working dose was 1/2 unit BID... Used to freak everybody out when vets would prescribe 2, 4 or even 7 units of insulin... The FDMB put together a whole community of diabetic kitty owners to share their experiences - we educated a lot of vets, too.  My son was in vet school at the time and by the time he finished, they were even teaching vets to encourage home testing and starting out with low dose shots rather than high dose.  He's up on all the new stuff, but I'm not.  I know the insulin protocols have changed for the better and I'm really glad about that - anything that makes it easier for the newly diagnosed kitty to be cared for is good.  Too many people freak out and kitty ends up dumped in a shelter.  Bless you for not being one of those people - LuvLee is a truly fortunate Sugarcat!  :)

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    by Ricochet67 on Sun Dec 09, 2012 at 07:33:38 AM PST

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