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View Diary: Israel Breaches Ceasefire - (maybe) Bombs Gaza? (UPDATED x 3) (140 comments)

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  •  Zhen, I have absoutely no idea (2+ / 0-)
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    ZhenRen, mahakali overdrive

    and don't recognize the h/r ers here as a "group." I'm here enough that I do recognize what appears to be adhoc groups --across the spectrum-- who tend uprate and downrate in packs.

    Whether or not there is coordination, I simply don't know. I try to avoid those piefights, because that is not how I choose to spend my time here.

    This diary was ill-sourced, and the diarist repeatedly insulted a community member who was asking probing, relevant questions. Thus my HR, and only one- there is no need for a pile on.

    (I have a ton of respect for you, as I hope you know.)

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