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  •  That's a fair statement... (2+ / 0-)
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    soarbird, ladybug53 an extent.  I know a not-quite-limosine liberal who drives a 15-mpg FJ cruiser everywhere.  She lives on a dirt road but I'm pretty sure that's the closest she's ever come to actually needing four wheel drive, let alone a Hummer lite.  Living like that isn't the answer.

    Neither is a blithe, "we-can-fix-it" attitude.  I'm bringing my life (along with my family's) around to a less consumptive, more self-sufficient way of living.  It takes time--we garden now but I'm saving up to get a little farm with an actual barn, not just a dirt patch among the trees with a converted garage (which mostly holds firewood anyway).

    But it's dangerous--in fact, hubristic and foolish--to assume that we can simply gearhead and engineer our way out of this.  We gearheaded and engineered our way into it.  The lesson we humans are collectively going to learn over the next century is summed up by the songwriter Dougie McLean: "You cannot hold the land--the land holds you."  

    We will not tame or reverse the climate change happening now.  At best we will adapt to it and survive.

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      But the environmental extremists that insist that we eliminate motor vehicles and heated homes and live in the dark only alienate potential allies. We don't have to cut emissions to zero to get to 350 ppm.- but we do have to cut them a lot. For example, no point in driving a 15 MPG pickup or SUV when a bicycle, mass transit, or 50 MPG motorcycle will get you there. Heck, just replacing a 15 MPG pickup with a garden variety 30 MPG compact car will cut greenhouse gas emissions in half.

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