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  •  I don't see how the religious right could (0+ / 0-)

    drop opposition to Roe v. Wade and abortion. It's the foundation of their politics; the evangelicals "got politicized" and became a force in national politics and the GOP because of Roe.

    Telling the base about the science of it (for example, the regular expulsion of fertilized eggs) doesn't seem to work. They don't trust authorities outside the movement and they place "what they see as duty to faith" over reason and fact. It's a siege mentality and it's reinforced every week in conservative churches, conservative broadcasting, evangelical broadcasting...

    In the near future, I think their solution to political disasters like Akin and Mourdock will be a change in rhetoric and more "stealthy" approach. Akin and Mourdock were high-profile fails, but they don't spell the end of this movement's political power. The movement still has a lot of seats in government and a lot of influence in the GOP.
    (Anecdotal example: in my district, two Bachmann types were elected to state office--beating Dems, this year--and this district I live in is not dominated by evangelical voters. How did these two Bachmann types win? By running mainstream campaigns, avoiding attention to their stands on "social issues.")

    The religious right in the long term: I don't know. I keep reading that the up-and-coming generation of conservative evangelicals and Catholics is interpreting the Bible and the mission differently, independent of aging conservative "faith leaders."

    Co-author of the first political biography of Michele Bachmann: Michele Bachmann's America

    by Bill Prendergast on Sun Dec 02, 2012 at 12:25:26 PM PST

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