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View Diary: Sunday Puzzle potluck puzzle party, 2012-12-02 (135 comments)

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  •  the shortest possible answer to sny's puzzle! (2+ / 0-)
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    pucklady, science

    I'm pretty sure this is the shortest possible answer to sny's puzzle, since it starts with a 3-letter word with 1 syllable and goes down to a 2-syllable word with 1 letter.

    (To get a shorter answer you'd need to go down to a 2-letter word to start with and 0-letter word to finish with -- and I don't think there are any 0-letter words with 2 syllables.)

    Before folks proceed any farther in this post, I should perhaps warn you that one of the words in the answer is highly offensive and may not be something you want to read. If you have delicate sensibilities, bail out now.

    Okay. For those of you still left, here's what I think is the shortest possible answer to sny's puzzle. We start with a 3-letter verb and go down to a 1-letter noun.

    The 3-letter verb is OWE. The 1-letter noun (and it is a noun -- a proper noun, i.e. the name of a particular person, place or thing -- is W (pronounced Dub-ya).

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      Nova Land, pucklady, UnionMade

      The answer I had in mind was plague, which goes from plague to ague. This is obviously the wrong answer, since boast is better . For some reason on Sunday, I counted 5 letters in plague, and thought boast was equal.

      Caps and owe are very nice, though I'm not sure I'd consider ps and w as words.

      On the other puzzle, the answer I had in mind was the 9-letter stretched, but science's answer of strengths is just as good.

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