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View Diary: Standardized Testing Wastes Much More Than Money (90 comments)

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    We all agree that there are poor teachers and poor schools. Standardized testing is the absolutely wrong way to solve that problem. The poorest teachers are actually already doing this. Now the powers that be want them to do it more.

    Please consider this: you have asked a lot of questions and everyone of them has been answered by someone on this post. Are you listening to these answers? Are you seeking answers or are you simply looking to reinforce your own existing views?

    Finally, consider this: Perhaps we are trying to solve a problem that is being defined incorrectly. Just how poorly are American schools doing in the first place. Stay tuned. and I will try to answer that question in my next diary. Yes, American schools have problems. No, they are not what you think.

    •  Standardized tests are not to SOLVE a problem (0+ / 0-)

      They are to bring a problem to light.

      I agree then that testing without acting on the results of the test is wasting time.

      If the results of the test show that the material has not been learned, then action should be taken to re-teach the material in a more effective method.

      It the compiled testing results show that a school has not been effectively teaching the students, year after year, draconian  methods should be taken in the interest of the children.

      The answer is not to hide problems under the rug by not testing.

      Why is this so hard for you to understand.

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