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View Diary: Eviction of Occupy Sandy: Staten Island (139 comments)

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  •  When we went up from FP&L after Camille (12+ / 0-)

    in 1969 with air boats and truck-trailer generators and hurricane supplies from the Bradenton area, the military guys checked that we had the right radio frequencies.

    That was about it. We coordinated to find a section of a county east of Biloxi that needed whatever.

    All you really need are 5-ton trucks, diesel fuel, and radios to keep things moving.

    Come Katrina, the sons of the same guys did exactly the same thing. Took the same types of rigs and supplies up the same roads to do the same job. SOP for the Gulf. What we've done since the Hurricane Hunter planes made it practical.

    Got stopped. Got turned around by Homeland Security armed police units.

    Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff proved himself an ignorant, paranoid, power-mad power-freak. A saboteur. A lying creep. Totally ignorant to what normal procedures are following a hurricane.

    (This had nothing to do with Michael Brown. The disaster teams had worked with Brown in Florida. He proved then that he's a good man in an emergency. Chertoff used Katrina as a lever to try to gain control over the whole damn region for the duraction of the crisis. Fxck-head &^%$$%^ craziness.)

    Chertoff ended up doing single-source contracts with all manner of Republican crooks. Stole many many millions. There was also a 700-page report that came out claiming that FEMA needed more control after disaters -- just effing nuttiness.

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