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View Diary: Right Wing Israeli Government Moves to End Jewish State (59 comments)

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  •  I like the intention of your diary. (2+ / 0-)
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    corvo, Lepanto
    A Jewish state the rules over a disenfranchised (or never has been enfranchised) non-Jewish majority won't be sustainable in the long run, politically or economically.
    45 years of maintaining the largest stateless population of refugees in the world is in some ways an impressive accomplishment for a nation the size of Israel.  I have no doubt that Netanyahu believes that he can maintain the statue quo.
    It seems like you might share Bibi's delusion to the contrary.
    I agree with you.  It is madness.  If the Israeli right respected the concept of Palestinian territory, they wouldn't be building settlements all over Palestine.  It seems naive to me that this latest example comes as a surprise to you.
    My contention here is that he is dooming the very vision he seeks to secure.
    His vision is greater Israel.  All other considerations are secondary.  Is there another way to make sense of these facts?
    Either way, what Bibi is doing is totally unrealistic.

    A quibble about whether is worse, severing Palestine from Jordan or bisecting it seems silly at this point.

    Amen, brother or sister.
    The way to confront the center-right (which at this point is really just the right) in Israel is to press this question of the end game.
    Here let's play a game.  I will pretend I am the Israeli right:  

    Palestinians are terrorists who want to wipe us off the face of the earth.  We will negotiate when they agree to our terms.  We will never allow Palestinians to have sovereignty in any part of territory we control.  They would be happier in Jordan anyway.  We can't defend our borders, we depend on Samarian aquifers, we will always control access to these lands, and it's airspace.  Palestinian sovereignty is incompatible with a Jewish state of Israel.  G-d gave us this land.  And anyone who questions these facts is probably a nazi.  Blah blah blah.

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      Winston Sm1th

      First off, I'm not surprised.  Not clear why you would think this.  What is significant here is how branzenly this dispenses with any thread of deniability, that he is pragmatic in any sense.  And given that he can no longer dissimulate about being pragmatic, I think it eminently possible that he simply thinks in purely short term, tactical modes motivated primarily by immediate fear.  It's possible that he is incapable of long term thinking.

      And I think this might be an opportunity, both in America and in Israel.  There has never before been this kind of support for a Palestinian state in the international community:

      Finally, no one will ever convince someone who uses the script you proposed.  But not all those who have voted for center-right parties would argue in this fashion.  There are plenty of people here who once voted Meretz but then voted for Barak and then for Sharon's Kadima when they thought that there was a pragmatic center that was going to proceed toward a final status agreement.  There are even some who still argued this about Bibi when he gave his 'speech' supposedly embracing 2 states 4 years ago.  I assume you knew it was crap as I did.  All one needed to do was look past one sentence and pay attention to the rest of the speech to know it wasn't anything new.  But regardless, it's these folks both in the US and in Israel we need to address.  We need to swing 15 mandates to the center-left parties and pressure them to act, not convert the hilltop youth and price tag maniacs.

      PM Salaam Fayyad has made heroic efforts in the West Bank, building institutions and developing the economy.  We can try to awaken a center and a left to these efforts and use Bibi's response to the UN as proof that he's leading Israel into an even darker place.  That's the challenge we face.

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