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  •  My first thought (8+ / 0-)

    was simply that the Bushes have been involved in military contracting since Samuel Prescott Bush in WWI.  NATURALLY they'd have been rolling the goodies off to their friends since HW first became VP.  Then you have Carlyle group.  How's a businessman better to make money, than to become a political player, make the budgets, and direct lots and lots of business into his own back yard?

    That said, I think sparkygirl's got a point.  The end of conscription meant a major increase in money going to salaries and bonuses for the "volunteer" (well-paid for risking their lives) forces.  It makes sense not to waste the highly-paid killers on lawn-mowing jobs.  Except for the fact that no matter what you pay them, you can't put humans into the meatgrinder of modern warfare for years at a time without a break doing something mindless like mowing the lawn, and expect them to be sane afterwards.  So I think they're trying not to waste money, in a typical American businessman type of way.  Except that 1) they can't hire illegal immigrants to mow the law at the prices that corporations outside the base fence can, and 2) they end up having to pay for all the drugs and therapy and lifelong disability payments that results from burning out their high-priced human material and having to discard it once it's too crazy to do anything useful ever again, and 3) no civilian is going to do as good a job at guarding the base as trained military specialists.  That's what they DO.

    •  Ah yes, Prescott Bush. (8+ / 0-)

       Wasn’t he one of the guys that helped finance the Nazis?  By the way, we highly-paid-killers are not, and never were, all that highly paid.  My first military pay was $21 dollars a month during WWII.  The theory of privatization is an approach to the old problem of a certain class getting their hands on tax payer’s money.  Its bad policy and leads to extensive corruption.  It would be great if we did not need a military.  (Read roseeriter’s comment.)  It would be nice if you people would resist, scream to high heaven, and stop sending us killers to fight pointless wars.  It would be wonderful if you people would insist the corruption stop.  You are an American citizen, right?  We don’t really even have an ememy!!!        

      •  Oh, certainly not in WWII! (4+ / 0-)
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        divineorder, walkshills, IreGyre, kurt

        That was back when they had a draft, not to mention that they could never have afforded to mobilize as many men as they did, if they had paid them more than a pittance!

        Kids these days are getting paid MUCH more, and more importantly, they are getting substantial upfront chunks of cash for initial and re-enlistment "bonuses".  Those chunks of cash can mean the downpayment on a first home, a substantial contribution to the costs of a college degree, or an initial investment to start a small business or a sizeable investment account.  Today's enlistment bonus probably exceeds the whole of what you were paid during your entire military career.

        But I'm not contradicting your points about corruption and pointless wars.  I object to having ANYONE die to make investment brokers a profit, which basically covers every war since the War of 1812.  I'm just noting that since Vietnam, the American public has gotten a little wiser to this, and so it costs  the country a hell of a lot more to pay young people to go do the killing and dying.  They used to volunteer out of youthful naivete and love for their country.  Now they do it so that their kids will be able to have a decent home and school, paid for by Uncle Sam.

        And of course, NOT paid for by those who profit from it most, and do their utmost to avoid paying anything in return.

    •  That is so true, even without combat. (3+ / 0-)
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      Bronx59, This old man, walkshills

      Doing mindless jobs is sometimes the best kind of break. You keep moving, but it gives the brain a rest, and it gives you a change of pace, surroundings and even personnel.

      I love mowing a lawn when I am stressed.

      Hated working in galleys though. The tables were too low and I would throw my back out bending down to wipe them off.

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