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  •  Privatization is such a euphemistic term for it. (4+ / 0-)
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    When the Republicans (and I don't see why it couldn't apply to Democrats if they do it, too) talk about privatizing a government service, they mean handing over big government contracts to their political buddies who follow up by funneling it back to them in the form of campaign funding and support.  It's pure corruption.

    What is private and what is captalist about that?  It's ripping off the taxpayers to the benefit of politicians!  It's not competitive!  It's wasteful of money!  And it distorts our political system making it lucrative to start and continue wars with countries we have no beef with just so the gravy train doesn't stop.

    The other Greenwald, the director, did a film about the private contractors during the Iraq war and how they were getting rich off of it.  At one point, (maybe this is on youtube in a clip), they interviewed some soldiers who told how they kept getting back their clothes that had been sent to be washed and they felt greasy.  So they started washing their own clothes.  

    They were ordered to STOP washing their own clothes.


    Because if they kept doing that then KBR couldn't wash them.

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