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  •  I think you're right... (12+ / 0-)

    From my reading of it, and I'm not in Occupy, but sympathetic to it, Troubadour "doesn't get it," whatever "it" is.  I'll address that below.  But that doesn't mean he's wrong.  It just means that he doesn't get that the problem isn't that the party is out of control, the problem is that it's just not his kind of party.

    It turned into a hippy burnin' man not-quote-rational type of phenomenon through social dynamics outside the control of people like Troubadour and probably yours too.  These things happen.  

    Furthermore, even if Troubadour or a devout group at the center had wanted to reign in and take control of things and force out the less disciplined, he would have met resistance and the whole thing would have collapsed.

    Sometimes you have to be grateful for what you get and work with it no matter how difficult it is.

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