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View Diary: The Squandered Potential of Occupy (240 comments)

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  •, PCCC, IWW and the DCCC already exist. (1+ / 0-)
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    Occupy is in the niche that it needs to be in for the moment: direct action and community support.

    Tactically, it appears to be the best choice, as they're filling niches that other left-leaning interest groups, including elected politicos leave vacant.

    Furthermore, it's painfully ironic that some are criticizing Occupy for what the rest of the left - including elected pols already practice: pursuing individual agendas even at the expense of building a broad over-arching movement.

    Finally, I have to go meta here: this whole thread reeks of ceremonial scape-gating, in-group, out-group nonsense. I'm starting to wonder when someone starts bashing Kos participants with 'Mom's Basement' and 'Cheetos' smears.

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