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  •  The cleaned-up 42nd Street (0+ / 0-)

    The wholesale touristification and plasticizing of Times Square is not the fault of Ms Sadik-Kahn, nor even of Bloomie.

    No, it was Rudy 9iu11ani who sent the police, the zoning board, and the developers to transform Times Square. She just calmed the traffic, widened the sidewalks, and provided seating for tired office workers and tourists alike. As a matter of fact, the "Broadway Blvd" also provides a space for break dancers and sketch artists to do their thing and satisfy a public.

    Most of the naughty fun moved to the internet in any case. Nobody's fault.

    The new 42nd Street is an economic powerhouse. It's now a neighborhood where everyone feels safe to attend the theater, go to restaurants, and shop in retail stores. Many New Yorkers need the jobs created by those industries.

    But yes, there's something lost. Once I was in a 42nd Street porno store (no, I didn't take a wrong turn) and watched two well-dressed Japanese tourists peel off eight crisp $100 bills to pay for the XXX DVDs they'd selected. Very special souvenirs I guess you could say. I had a smile.

    My other adventures from that special time and place, like some at McAnn's Bar -- "the place smelled like jail" according to New York Magazine -- I won't share here in mixed company. :-)

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