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View Diary: Anti-Capitalist Meet-Up: Life So Cheap & Property So Sacred (48 comments)

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  •  Tension (4+ / 0-)

    My point was the potential that the political economy of Walmart presents, because it "has the potential to create a false mentality of competition in the consciousness of poor Walmart consumers against poor Walmart workers."

    The idea being, of course, that poor Walmart consumers could be persuaded (and some of them already are) that organizing efforts at Walmart will cause prices at Walmart to go up, which Walmart consumers cannot afford. In fact, this is exactly what mainstream economics posits as the normal situation: a conflict of economic interests between workers and consumers.

    Of course, mainstream economics has no class analysis to speak of, so it can speak of people only, or at least mostly, in terms of their participation in ephemeral market transactions: in the morning I'm a worker when I head off to earn a living, but in the evening I'm a consumer when I eat at a restaurant.

    In fact, I can think of one friend who is herself a wage worker who is critical of the Walmart workers for exactly these reasons, so it is happening. It's our job to push the class analysis over the worker-consumer construct.

    Great Diary.

    "Karl Marx and Frederick Engels came to the checkout at the 7-11 Marx was skint - but he had sense Engels lent him the necessary pence What have we got? Yeh-o, magnificence!!" (The Clash, 1976-1983)

    by Le Gauchiste on Sun Dec 09, 2012 at 05:24:53 PM PST

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    •  Yes the ruling class has always tried to divide us (4+ / 0-)

      in just that way.

      My point is this: we now have a large portion of the working class who is paid so little that Walmart is the only place where they can afford to shop. And these low wage workers who are more or less forced to consume Walmart crap also work for Walmart.

      It's actually the class of workers who are doing alright (for now) who mostly get into that selfish consumer mode, ie "I want my cheap crap, too bad if you have go hungry or die in fire so I can have my low prices."

      Sadly, some of them are union members. My former union brothers in the IUOE for example who thot nobody but them worked hard and deserved good pay. I can see them griping about higher prices, definitely.

      Yes, we have a lot of work to do. No doubt about it.

      WE NEVER FORGET Our Labor Martyrs: a project to honor the men, women and children who lost their lives in Freedom's Cause. For Nov: Lives lost trying to earn a living.

      by JayRaye on Sun Dec 09, 2012 at 05:43:34 PM PST

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