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View Diary: Anti-Capitalist Meet-Up: Life So Cheap & Property So Sacred (48 comments)

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  •  As labor has gone international reducing the power (5+ / 0-)

    of labor unions to be able to stop the continued downward trend in workers conditions and wages, we have to seriously look at how the dynamics of of labor have been changing and why there is not a dynamic labor movement to fight these changes.  While there is the beginning of a movement to fight Walmart in the traditional ways, there are also plenty of places in the world where low paid workers are enamoured at being able to buy mass products at very low prices --this is true even in the United States as unions are being dismantled and the low wage service sector grows.  I am not saying this to be negative, but we have to look at what are the best ways to fight for the real wages and work conditons of workers today.  Don't know if legal government constructs like living wage campaigns (increasing minium wage) or worker managed cooperatives or traditional union struggles like that against Walmart or boycotts are the best way to go (or all of the above), but the sweatshops seem to go on and on and I know very few people who have low wages who have not bought at Target or Walmart. Maybe that's still a good place to start --refuse to buy at any of these stores that are involved in the race to the bottom.  But can we do it?  How many people do you know that haven't bought cheap goods from China, shopped at Target, etc.  We have to get real about the dynamics happening in the global market and what is the most realisitic way to stop it on a day to day basis.  And how each of us can help in this struggle and not just view the struggle as a feel good movie on TV.  

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