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View Diary: Geithner Draws line in sand: No Rate hikes for 2% = No Fiscal Deal. Also, SS off table! (**Video) (259 comments)

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    the basketball game if  it were being called by the Real Progressives...

    Chalmers takes the ball upcourt - that’s incredibly stupid, he’s not a scorer

    He passes to Wade -  Basketball 101: You can’t score if you don’t put the ball in the hoop, all this passing bullshit is pure cowardice.

    Wade in traffic, passes back out to Haslem - this is amateur hour, the hoop is that way morons!! All the money these guys get and they are too afraid to do the job

    Back to Wade -he’s back out to the line and meanwhile that fool James is running around without the ball - you need the ball to score idiot.

    Wade to James, dunk. Finally they listened to us.

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