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View Diary: NFL player commits suicide in front of coaches. Oh, and he killed his girlfriend. (242 comments)

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  •  Costas is 100% wrong (0+ / 0-)

    Costas makes the same error that all the gun banners do. That the gun got angry and killed. That murder is impossible without a gun. That domestic violence is impossible without a gun. And that if we just banned those evil guns, that violence would just end.

    Costas sends the message that we really don't need to do anything about violence if we just banned guns. Bullshit. All that will do is change the murder weapon used, nothing more.

    The issue is the violence, not the weapon.  Focus on the root cause instead of living in fantasy land, like there weren't knives and baseball bats in the house.

    •  I'm not going to belabor this aspect of it (3+ / 0-)
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      but this meme of 'guns don't kill people, people do' is just skirting the issue IMHO.

      The whole purpose of handguns is basically to kill people.  That's why they are manufactured, essentially.  

      We can't keep ignoring the obvious.  

      Costas' opinion is just that -- his opinion.  I'm sure that it will be heavily debated in the coming days and weeks.

      But the bottom line here is that a high profile person, for whatever reasons, couldn't find another way to resolve his problems.  

      Yet he's remembered in some circles as this 'great' person with no problems who politely thanked his coach before blowing his head off and his girlfriend and daughter are footnotes.

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