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View Diary: Boehner just shot himself in the foot (170 comments)

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  •  why don't we just forego the rw bullshit tp's & (2+ / 0-)
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    lostinamerica, pat bunny

    cut to the chase . . .

    you & the r's want taxes for 250K & up to go down (to zero) & those below 250K to go up -- i believe republicans call that (ahem) "broadening the tax base.

     then everything will be right as rain!

    just like it always is with trickle down!!

    b/c nothing's supposed to trickle down -- & that's the joke.

    •  Of course, I said nothing of the sort. (1+ / 0-)
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      I said I think  taxes need to increase so that they are back up to Clinton levels, somewhere around 18% of GDP.  And I think that spending needs to come down, not to Clinton levels, but to maybe 21% of GDP.  

      I'd prefer that revenues be increased through an overall overhaul of the tax code so that people at the same income level pay roughly the same in taxes, measured in effective tax rates, rather than some of the rich paying an effective tax rate of 26% (through the AMT, for example) and some just pay an effective rate of 15% (if they get all income through capital gains).  Something like the Simpson Bowles Tax Plan, but perhaps the top rate a point or two higher so that you get receipts where they need to be as a percent of GDP.  The present tax code is a mess, and I think it needs a huge overhaul.  

      I don't know how you get "want the rates on those above $250,000 to go down to zero" out of that.  

      •  oh, gee, i guess i got that idea from a comment (1+ / 0-)
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        you posted a few weeks ago when you were whining about the d's wanting to raise tax rates on the 250K+ crowd & you said there was no reason for the d's to be so insistent about that b/c the prez could have the revenue he wanted if he just accepted the r's proposal -- which was the same fucking plan mitt romney ran on: closing loopholes & eliminating deductions.

        it's called subtext, btw.

        the tax code is a mess b/c lobbyists have deliberately written it to be that way . . . & that's why it will never be overhauled, either.

        but of course, you already knew that.  you're just playing games with heads around here.  8-I

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