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  •  Because US rebuilt Europe (0+ / 0-)

    I've used the same argument that you are using in the past but got stumped when someone pointed out that the US economy got supercharged after WWII since we we the only country to have a fully functional large scale manufacturing capability. That is no longer the case. If those rates were applied today, business would now have the ability to move operations or investment overseas.

    I'd love to hear a good counter argument to that if anyone knows one.

    •  We don't need a 90% rate. Either way though, (0+ / 0-)

      I... if we have smart spending to go along with even current plans to raise high taxes . We'll still recover sooner. And an America firing on all 8 cylinders provides an economic environment they won't find elsewhere. Where is it cheaper to live tax-wise with an infrastructure like ours? Our rates are generally lower other than the corporate rate, which we only collect a small portion of.

      Our situation only needs a child's dose of the medicine needed in 1946. My point is to make neocons admit that America's golden age of growth which they revere was built under a tax that only allowed top earners 10% of their earnings (before loopholes and tax shelters) and 1 in 3 jobs may have been unionized with better wages for workers then. And we prospered in a way not seen since, economically and an overall improvment in living standards and freedoms.

      Indeed part of the solution then was building better markets in Europe and Japan. Half the world would prosper from being part of those markets they can't participate in now.

      Yes we need to shrink everyone's overall energy adn resource blueprint. But if we and the EU, Japan and others build them carefully in self sustaining ways there is room for more economic growth and the spread of peace.

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