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  •  Power cycling (19+ / 0-)

    (turning lights on and off) is harder on incandescents than on CFLs. The fine wire in an incandescent is subject to thermal fatigue (from repeated heating and cooling), plus there's a power surge as the cold filament has very low resistance compared to the same filament heated up (and filaments get very hot).

    Incandescents are also more susceptible to shortened life due to mechanical vibration - for example, a ceiling light under an active kid's bedroom will have a shorter lifetime than the lamp next to your 90 year old grandmother's bed (although YMMV, depending on grandmothers), even taking into account hours of operation.

    CFLs, in my experience, don't handle heat well. The ones over my head are on track lighting on a cathedral ceiling where the bulbs both self-heat (even though they're low wattage) and the ceiling temperatures are kind of high because we heat with a wood stove and the ceiling is super-insulated. Those bulbs last a lot shorter time than the bulbs in the same kind of track lighting but on the living room walls - as in a difference of years of life.

    And while I haven't actually researched the CFL part of this comment except via personal anecdote, I was a) a reliability engineer at one time and ran a reliability testing lab,  and b) a manufacturer's rep for a light bulb manufacturer.

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