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    Yours are good but....install one of those infra-red-reacting switches in place of the toggle switch.  Walk into the garage and the lights turn on.  There is a built-in adjustable timer that will shut off the light after 30 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on how you adjust it.  Plus, if there is need to work in the garage the switch has a manual override so it will stay on until it is switched off.  Cost is about $20 and any hardware store will either have them in stock or can order them.  Google "ifrared occupancy switch"

    If the garage is unheated, florescent bulbs aren't a good choice because they will need to warm up before illuminating fully.   Quartz halogen bulbs are instant on at any temperature and have high lumen output and they are not as efficient as compact florescent but are more efficient than standard incandescent.

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