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  •  I respect the intention to (6+ / 0-)

    keep this planet as habitable as long as possible. Environmental regulations are important to avoid poisoning/killing ourselves, at least until we get an FTL drive and can find a new planet.

    Technology and catering to human desire for comfort is the key to victory. Environmental activists who advocate thinking backwards are wasting their breath.

    No one is going to go out of their way to inconvenience their daily life to save the earth of a thousand years or so in the future. It just isn't going to happen in any notable amount.

    New fuels and new technology help. If CFL bulbs don't work, better ones have to be made. The environment-saving stuff has to be more A) accessible, B) quality, and C) affordable than the existing less-environmentally friendly stuff, or no traction is going to be made.

    A good example of this is cloth grocery bags. When people's only argument is they are "better for the environment", no one cares. I didn't. Going to the grocery store is often annoying, so what, I now have to drag an inferior bag around instead of using the plastic bags right there? Fuck that.

    However, I tried using them once out of curiosity. And they are so much better. And I can just keep them in the trunk of my car, so i can pull them out when I go to the store. They can hold like a ton of those 2-liter drinks, and don't break, and if you get the good bags with the long handles you can sling them over your shoulder.

    That should be the selling point. They are better than those fucking plastic bags that break all the time, and one time smashed my pickles.

    In short, no one cares about what would qualify as "hippy nonsense" to the average American. It's a losing path. If you want to win the environmental war, do it with convenience, quality, science, and comfort.

    Futuristic electric cars that perform better than old gas guzzlers. Healthier and cheaper food from non-enviro-damaging sources that tastes great. Easier ways to recycle trash.

    Don't expect people to do something even mildly annoying to save future earth after they themselves and all known relatives are long dead, cuz they won't.

    That's not cynical, that's realistic.

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