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  •  My HS US history teacher (2+ / 0-)
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    Constance Murray taught us: In any major dispute (like the American War of Independence), 10% of the people favor the opposition, 10% favor the status quo, and 80% just want to get the hay into the barn before it rains.

    So change happens when some of the 10% who favor the status quo decide to switch horses (often pragmatically, to stay on the winning side or avoid catastrophe -- or to be able to invite their child to Thanksgiving, which requires inviting the same-sex partner or dark-skinned partner), and/or when a few of the 80% decide to take some action however small to aid one side or the other. Or, sometimes, when the 10% who favor the opposition become more militant -- moving from writing polite letters to the editor to occupying Wall Street, for example.

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