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View Diary: My Grand Bargain Offer is This, Senator: Nothing. (28 comments)

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  •  Not "grand," not a "bargain" (0+ / 0-)

    The use of these terms has become sheer propaganda for an attack on beneficial policies in favor of the interests of ideologues and their super-rich backers and their compliant echoes in the punditariat.

    Nothing about this is "grand", which though literally was suggesting largeness instead conveys notions of "greatness," of desirability.

    Who doesn't want something "grand"?

    Nothing about this is a "bargain", which literally references negotiations, but instead conveys notions of a desirable deal, a valuable purchase opportunity, of getting a lot for your money.

    Who doesn't want a "bargain", right?

    It's not a Grand Bargain.

    It's a Sickly Embrace.

    It's a Raw Deal.

    It's the Smiling Extortion Racket.

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