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View Diary: Corporations get billions from cities and states but they often don't keep their end of the bargain (135 comments)

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    put out a trio of books beginning with, "America: What Went Wrong?"in the mid to late nineties detailing in shocking fashion how governments at all levels had become mere appendages of and in thrall to corporate America.

    Reason number gazillion why the disastrous 1976 Buckley V Valeo "push back on Watergate reforms by conservatives act" and the more recent sellout to the 1% Citizens decision, money and politics are repeatedly proven incompatible by producing blatant graft and corruption, let alone a sorry ROI to taxpayers.


    "extravagant advantage for the few, ultimately depresses the many." FDR

    by Jim R on Mon Dec 03, 2012 at 05:14:57 AM PST

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