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View Diary: Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivor Seeking Thoughts (34 comments)

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  •  Not all injuries can be redressed... (1+ / 0-)
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    Legal systems are blunt instruments.  Many people have been handed raw deals in life, in uncountable ways.  Poverty, disability, ignorance, isolation.....the list is endless.

    How many who read this particular website is doing so out of loneliness, a lack of more desirable connections, so we accept conversations with strangers who not only don't we know, we don't know their names.

    You are focusing on the monetary damages that you may receive and want to maximize them.  O.K., it's how we do things in this country.  But is it the best answer for your particular life, something you have for a really short time, even if you live the biblical or actuarial full number of years.

    Reach out. Try to connect with others who are trying to connect.  It's not easy, believe me.

    But as for trying to collect appropriate damages for the harm that was done, it's not only legally impossible, it probably is so at other levels.  You also could be limiting your potential for happiness, as much as you may be able to achieve, by focusing on this aspect that you describe here.

    Beat of luck.

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