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View Diary: Michael Grunwald: MSM Has All Agreed To Pretend the GOP Isn't Full of It (135 comments)

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    The Cleveland Plainly Republican did SUCH a great job of covering the 2004 perhaps-stolen election in Ohio. I mean, a couple of days after the election, they ran a story headlined "Internet conspiracy theories about election refuse to die." I'm sure the high-ups were high-fiving at how quickly they were able to dismiss the insane chaos surrounding that election that mysteriously seemed to occur only in urban areas and on certain liberal college campuses.

    Unfortunately, they weren't. The story had traction. When they realized by December that it wasn't going away, they did a big front-page "special" report — a real masterpiece of, um, I don't know, evading the issue? It basically consisted of A. listing all the reported anomalies. B. a bunch of he said/she said quotes with Democrats and voter-rights groups and people like the League of Women Voters saying the stuff should be checked out, and Republicans sneering and saying, "It's just sour grapes."

    End of story for the Plainly Republican pretty much.

    Oh. Also. Our then-congresswoman, the late Stephanie Tubbs Jones, brought the Rev. Jesse Jackson (not my sister's recently resigned congressman) to town to hold a press conference asking that the various reported anomalies be investigated. A reporter from the paper sneered, "How do you know all these things aren't just human error?" She politely responded (more politely than he deserved) that when about 95% of the errors favor one side, it's worth looking into.

    It was Stephanie who, along with her Senate colleague Barbara Boer, stood up in Congress and objected to the certification of the 2004 election. How do you think the Plainly Republican treated the story? Right. They basically mocked and dismissed her.

    There was a lot of meaty stuff there, even after the stories about Karl Rove's secret war room in Chattanooga had been destroyed (we didn't help ourselves there, people). But the paper's attitude was that it really wasn't even remotely interesting to explore why inner-city precincts were so short on voting machines that voters had to wait 4, 5 and 6 hours, while in affluent areas there was little to no wait.

    The Cleveland Plain Dealer never explored the issues inherent in having Bob Bennett, the chairman of the Ohio Republican Party also be chair of the board of elections in Ohio's largest Democratic county during that election. (He was later fired by Jennifer Brunner in January 2007 as one of her first acts as secretary of state. That was a red-letter day in my life! And in typical Republican fashion, he whined and threatened lawsuits before slinking out the door). That was far more significant, I believe, than any of our backend conspiracy theories that didn't happen. PD: silence.

    Jon Husted is a dick.

    by anastasia p on Mon Dec 03, 2012 at 03:44:58 PM PST

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    •  The Great Swindle, Act III... (2+ / 0-)
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      How do you feel about the apparently obvious (to me) thwarting of the same shenanigans this time around by Anonymous?

      I thought it was an amazing act of courage, bravery and sheer genius.

      If it is to be believed!

      Given that they warned KR a few months before the election, and that all the COMA were predicting a close race, and Dick M was predicting a GOP landslide right up to Rove's incredulity after Obama had won, I believe it.

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