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View Diary: Tired of incessant right wing talk? Then help us zap the talk radio empires with the Zapple Doctrine (30 comments)

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  •  Should we care? (1+ / 0-)
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    That's a serious question.

    "Talk" radio seems to me to be aimed at a very, very specific and narrow audience.

    I haven't listened to "talk" radio since -- well, ever.

    And I'm a 59-year-old white guy.

    I'll bet that nobody under the age of 50 listens to AM radio -- period (unless it's ESPN radio).

    Frankly, I'm perfectly happy with Rush running his mouth off and giving rational people more ammunition. Why in the world would you want "balance"?

    The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it -- GB Shaw

    by kmiddle on Mon Dec 03, 2012 at 11:40:24 AM PST

    •  Here's why we should care: (4+ / 0-)

      “One-hundred-thirty-eight million people commute to and from work in automobiles, where they have no access to computer or TV screens. For around a third of them, or 48 million, AM talk radio is their entertainment of choice. Of the top 10 AM talk radio shows, nine are hosted by extreme conservatives, giving the right wing a captive audience of around 40 million listeners a week—at least seven times greater than the combined audiences of Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. Talk radio’s audience dwarfs that of every other category in the news political arena, including the network news and Sunday shows, NPR’s public affairs shows and political Web sites.

      It was not preordained that all of the millions of people who identify with the Tea Party movement would believe the conservative narrative that the economic ills afflicting the middle class are the result of liberalism. But given that tens of millions of them had no alternative explanations or solutions, it is not surprising that conservative ideas and candidates are ascendant.

      ...At the outset of the Obama administration there were dozens of columns reminding progressives that Franklin Delano Roosevelt had told liberal activists of his day to “make” him initiate progressive programs by mobilizing public opinion.

      Instead, most of today’s progressives spent the last year talking to themselves while conservatives convinced millions of people that global warming is a hoax, that torture is required to keep America safe, that non-millionaires in Canada and Europe have worse health care than their American counterparts. The right wing could never have convinced 45 percent of Americans that the Democrats wanted “death panels” if their outreach was limited to Sarah Palin’s Facebook page and the three million people a night who watch Fox’s highest-rated shows.

      ...One-third of the American public are never exposed to progressive ideas or even to facts that are incompatible with the right-wing narrative.”
      (from )

      And btw, I'm 43 and I DO listen to AM talk radio. Fortunately I live in Madison, WI where there is still a progressive station left.

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      RW radio does the groundwork repetition for everything the RW does.

      you probably live on one of the coasts, probably in a city. just guessing. in most parts of the US there are no free alternatives for politics while driving or working to compete with the ubiquitous RW radio blowhards and their coordinated partisan lies and propaganda.

      any significant progressive issue you might be interested in has been effected negatively and set back because the left gives RW radio a free speech free ride. any local or national progressive candidate gets either attacked from those stations or their opponents promoted.

      RW radio moves the political center to the right more than any other factor and even moreso as perceived and reported by the MSM.

      any time a dem or progressive politician or issue or reform or truth makes any headway or has a messaging success as part of the feedback process this democracy depends on (some common sense or truth gets by the MSM), highly paid PR pros in the RW think tanks devise campaigns to distract or distort it in the MSM, and it usually starts with Limbaugh and friends, where weeks and even months or lying and repetition can go by before the left even notices it.

      with all that unchallenged repetition they can also start shit - like the iraq attack. or every time they want to pass voter suppression or deregulation talk radio gets the  job started.

      that's where the swiftboating of dem politicians or appointees starts. that's where the rationalization and excuses and enabling of everything and anyone republican starts. that's where most of the global warming denial is being sold.

      that's how single payer was taken off the table during the clinton years. that's what got clarence thomas on the supreme court and turned bush and romney into 'acceptable' candidates. that's what deregulated the banks and convinced the teabaggers it would be OK to default.

      and so on. RW radio has effected every major issue negatively for liberals and will continue to make every major reform harder.

      This is a list of 76 universities for Rush Limbaugh that endorse global warming denial, racism, sexism, and partisan lying by broadcasting sports on Limbaugh radio stations.

      by certainot on Mon Dec 03, 2012 at 05:48:05 PM PST

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