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View Diary: New Corrosion Research Shows Accelerated Failure At Fukushima Daiichi (33 comments)

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  •  Okay, let's discuss Fukushima (0+ / 0-)

    I'm already on record on Fukushima's problems, so I'll summarize.

    Fukushima is the direct result of the anti-nuclear forces geting everything they wanted over the last 40 years.  In the 70's Three Mile Island freaked everyone out, and the world decided that coal, C02 and climate change were much more reasonable than that nasty dirty nuclear power.

    All investment in nuclear engineering stopped.  All efforts to recycle and store spent fule stopped.  And thus it came to pass that in 2011 a nuclear reactor was still using a 1950's design, and decades of spent fuel were still sitting at the plant.

    So a nuclear reactor that was never allowed to be upgraded melted down, and spent fuel that was never allowed to be moved and properly stored is now leaking.
    Total paralysis of the nuclear industry was achieved, exactly as designed.

    In 1994 we had discussions at the University of Illinois that we absolutely could not still be burning coal in 20 years if we wanted to stop climate change.  We knew this day was coming.  And here it is 18 years later, with C02 at record levels and no sign that the coal plants will ever shut down.

    As for the "myth" of baseload, the link you provided made no such claim whatsoever.  What was said was that adding new renewable energy to the mix did not require NEW baseload to be added, because there is already enough baseload and spinning reserve in the system today.

    But that existing baseload is nuclear, coal and natural gas.  Nowhere in the video did they say baseload was unnecessary, just that we have enough.

    But if baseload is nuclear, coal and natural gas, and we need to go C02 negative?  Then we need to keep nuclear and get rid of coal/natural gas.

    Sorry buddy, this isn't up for a debate.  I'm for less C02, and you strangely chose a course that leads to more.

    •  Fail (0+ / 0-)

      If you are seriously trying to justify the failures of the commercial nuclear industry on environmentalists you lost this argument before you even started it.

      This is just a lame distraction and your being a troll. The subject at hand is the accelerated corrosion at Daiichi and that it isn't being managed or planned for properly.

      Sadly the commercial nuclear industry has no sense of responsibility for the mess their industry made and zero desire to change their ways. They had over 50 years to become competent and trustworthy. The reality is that they have failed and each time with permanent consequences were are again and again asked to put up with.

      We don't NEED nuclear power. One only needs to see the desperate attempts to smear other energy sources to know that this isn't about those other sources. It is about trying to deflect from Nuclear's unjustifiable record as a private sector power source.

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