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View Diary: MI: In case you needed more proof that this is just a big money grab...(update: and a LOT more!) (24 comments)

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  •  This is the first step to creating... (14+ / 0-)

    ... a permanent serf class.

    The United States became the most successful economy in the world, partly through the development of public schools that allowed the best and brightest children to achieve their greatest potential, thus creating a strong, diverse middle class.

    Each wave of immigrants to our shores sent their children to the public schools and their children achieved lives more prosperous than their parents.

    But today's monied class wants to pull up the ladder, so only their children can benefit from the U.S. economy. The best way to achieve that is to kill the public schools.

    Charter schools and vouchers are both a way to see that the public schools will be starved for cash and will provide less and less quality education. When the public schools have been weakened sufficiently, they will be done away with, and all education will be for profit.

    And finally, the for profit schools, unregulated, will divide students between those who will simply be trained for low-paying, advancement-free jobs, and the elite who will get the best education available.

    The current concentration of wealth with the few has created greater poverty and areas where schools struggle because of the economic environment their students come from.

    What we need is to tweak the public schools to better serve these students. Instead, we have the drum beat to abandon public education in favor of for profit education.

    Two groups benefit: Those who invest in for-profit education and skim their profit off the top before providing services, and those wealthy enough to choose a quality private school for their children.

    Public education is one of the most important underpinnings of the middle-class economy. We can't afford to let it be murdered by those who want to end the middle class in favor of a system where the majority is held down by a greedy aristocracy.

    Wealth doesn't trickle down -- it rises up.

    by elsaf on Mon Dec 03, 2012 at 10:32:10 AM PST

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