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View Diary: Republican Rep. Jo Ann Emerson of Missouri will resign from Congress in February (88 comments)

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  •  You should be mad at Clay, not Carnahan. (8+ / 0-)

    Clay (and Cleaver) screwed Carnahan. They put themselves ahead of the Democratic Party during redistricting. Had they helped Nixon sustain the veto, the map would have been drawn by a judge. We may well be looking at a 233-202 Congress today instead of 234-201.

    Clay deserved the primary challenge from Carnahan and I would have voted for Russ if I lived in that district.

    22/Male/ D/Native of OH-16, Attending Graduate School in NC-04. Re-Elect Betty Sutton and David Price!

    by liberal intellectual on Mon Dec 03, 2012 at 01:38:59 PM PST

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    •  there's no guarantee that a court map would be 5-3 (0+ / 0-)

      Judging by the court maps i've seen for the state legislature, which have pretty much secluded Dems to a small portion of the overall districts.

      I was disappointed that the judges didn't draw the map. But most of the differences between a judge map and the passed map are in line drawing. The Judges would have probably created a safe MO5 of all Jackson County and Democratic parts of Clay County, while moving Lafayette/Saline/Ray into MO6 or keeping them in MO4.

      The matter of how the judges would have drawn the STL area districts is a great hypothetical. The requirements for drawing MO1 are still unclear to me. I don't think MO1 was majority-African American in 2002 (it was around 47-48%). If there's no majority, I don't think there's a legal problem with reducing that percentage a bit.

      But we had a State Senate map drawn by judges get invalidated because the Judges didn't know the Missouri Constitutional provisions. So I could see them thinking they had to pack MO1 because of VRA. Or thinking that they had to put all of STL City in MO1, which pairs Russ and Lacy, and creates a MO2 that could be a tossup depending on the border between MO1 and MO2 in STL County.

      Russ did decide to not run TV, but he did mail talking mailers. Then he lost 2-1, instead of taking a chance with MO2. His mistake.

      The Republican Party isn't a party of small government, it's a party of a government for the few. @bhindepmo

      by RBH on Mon Dec 03, 2012 at 02:04:40 PM PST

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