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View Diary: Is Tyreese "Made to Suffer"? In The Walking Dead TV Show There Can Be Only One Black Male Character (342 comments)

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    in a previous post. i felt that they should not have had the rape scene with Michonne because 1) they have not developed her properly and the drama would be lost and 2) there is a deep discomfort in our society with the idea of black people having agency and getting their revenge on white people. Moreover, the show's writers have no real interest in fully developing the black characters on the show anyway, so it is best they left alone.

    Kirkman has done some great stuff with the graphic novel. He is very self-aware. In one of the letter's sections he totally dismissed a writer who complained that Michonne had black men as lovers and it was "racist." Kirkman's dismissal was priceless. Even the dialogue around what happens to Glenn is smart, sharp, and self-aware about race and its symbolic power.

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