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View Diary: Is Tyreese "Made to Suffer"? In The Walking Dead TV Show There Can Be Only One Black Male Character (342 comments)

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    I don't think the show is written nearly well enough to warrant 1/3 of this type of introspection.  My "deep thoughts" with the series extend only as far as wondering about the seemingly One Black Man rule and if the show's title refers to the 'alive' folks more than it does to the walkers.  

    Its treatment of women in general isn't awesome, but I'm also not a big fan of having various show-runners yield to racial, gender, political, etc pressure.  They'll pay through loss of viewership.  My only personal recent example is Mad Men.  It is/was a great, well-written show with fabulous acting, but I (and several other female friends) couldn't stand to watch its treatment of women even though we knew it was an accurate reflection of those times.  So we just individually quit watching.

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