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  •  I just went and checked (2+ / 0-)
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    wader, trumpeter

    I checked on the pages that I follow where I have used the advice I quoted. I cannot find a singe comment UNDER a post that is out of order.

    Then I went to a page where I don't have the "get notifications" set. All the comments under the posts were in order.

    What I DO get is random posts for those pages that I haven't chosen to get notifications from.

    •  Granny, I can promise you (1+ / 0-)
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      Dream It Real

      that that is not what is changing that. The use of notifications being checked is not placing the comments in chronological order.

      If you would like to verify that, go to my page, it's linked in the diary, turn on notifications, and you will see that the comment order remains random.

      I think you're seeing that because the experiment is being conducted on only a small percentage of pages,and you happen to be looking at ones that aren't being tested in this way.

      Go check it and let me know. I would love to learn that that works, but users on my page have told me that it doesn't work.

      •  Thank you (0+ / 0-)

        A couple of screenshots as examples would have gone a long way to explaining the problem.

        There have been other changes regarding randomization. Even if the comments are in order, unless followers do what I mentioned above, they won't be seeing all the post by a group anyway. Those will still arrive in their stream randomly.

        If it's having that bad of an effect on rescue groups then they need to make some changes quickly that make them less reliant on things like FB.

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